Over forty years ago, under the direction of Mr. Bob O'Leary, the American Armwrestling Association (AAA) began its existence. To date, 56 armwrestling associations across the United States have united together under the leadership of the AAA. Operating under a structured Constitution & By-Laws, rules and regulations, this association continued to grow and became the largest promoting force for the sport of armwrestling.

As a result of operating under a democratic process, the AAA has undergone numerous changes through the years.  Three significant changes transpired April 1, 2000:

An annual meeting of the association is held every year at the AAA National event, and is open to the membership. AAA sanctions local and state events throughout the year, and armwrestlers from all over the United States come together once a year for the National event.

The AAA is the only affiliated member association representing the United States in the WORLD ARMSPORT FEDERATION(WAF). The WAF is the "world body" of armwrestling associations, and currently has over 70 member countries. The WAF sanctions a prestigious World event, held in a different country each year.. The United States is represented by AAA National event competitors who are the only qualifiers to be on the US Team.


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2011 AAA National Championships
Buffalo, New York
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2002 WAF XXIII World Championships Results - Alexandria, Egypt