American Armwrestling Association
1998 Minutes of State Directors Meeting
July 24, 1998 - Held in Omaha, Nebraska
Board Members Present : Bob O'Leary, Mary McConnaughey, Steve Stanaway, Frank Bean, Ray Taglione, Sue Patton (by proxy)
State Directors Present : Kathy New, Elaine Blik, Craig Tullier, Robert Redden, Richard Fox, Butch Bonnier, Greg Helm, Karen Bean, Joel Blik, George Diebel, Gil Tremblay, Tom Simko, Sam Cooper, Jim Martel, Tim Trusler, Greg Wilson
Members Present : Linda O'Leary, Richard Kimble, John Halloran, Matt Stout, Derrick Daniels, James Walkeiwicz, Jennifer Leblen, Jesse Peek, Rex Kepler, Marsha Eanes, Lorie Redden, Bobby Hopkins
Meeting called to order by Director of Administration, Mary McConnaughey - 2:30 p.m.
I. Board of Directors Reports
a. Sue Patton - 1997 minutes of meetings were distributed
b. Frank Bean - Updated Constitution, new International Event Packet, WAF rule change proposals
c. Mary McConnaughey - Updated State & Board of Directors listing, Sanction event listing
d. Ray Taglione - No report given
e. Steve Stanaway - Plea for needing new referees
II. Financial Report
a. Linda O'Leary - Financial report was distributed for AAA
b. Linda O'Leary - Financial report was distributed for $5 fund
III. Armbender
a. Richard Kimble - Discussion concerning submitting contest results and photos asap
b. Richard Kimble - Plea for members to submit any information regarding competitors, i.e. births, graduations, marriages, etc. c. Discussion to change quarterly publications to March, June, September, December
d. Armbender to list sanction number and contest information stating results not submitted if State Director fails to submit results.
e. Armbender deadline is first day of month of publication
f. Armbender to use smaller font in printing in order to publish more contest results.
IV. Submitted Agenda Topics
1. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Frank Bean - AAA to give exact pound conversion if kilo scale not being used, i.e. .25, .50. Passed
2. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Kathy New - No state event or event offering cash prizes may be held the week before, during, or after AAA National event. Passed.
3. Contact your state officials concerning State Games for possibly including armwrestling.
4. National Event Packet MUST list exact pound conversion to kilos.
5. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Elaine Blik - Mandatory to invite Director OR Assistant Director of Referees, Scorekeeping, and Registration for National events. Passed.
6. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Gil Tremblay - Mandatory for officials to share rooms at National events, if tournament director so desires. If officials do not agree, then event host must only furnish hotel accommodations for one night. Passed.
7. Motion by Kathy New, second by Karen Bean - National event hosts are to place registration room and scorekeeper room side by side. Passed.
8. All National events MUST run weight divisions to top 4, then run divisions in rounds.
9. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Robert Redden - Beginning in 1999, AAA National events will use three tables, inviting 7 referees, 3 scorekeepers, and 1 registrar. Scorekeepers to act as emcees. Passed.
10. Representing AAA to the best of your ability in a businesslike, professionsl manner.
11. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Steve Stanaway - Committee to be formed in order to establish minimum sizes for trophies, plaques, etc. to be awarded at National events. Passed.
12. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Ray Taglione - AAA Armwrestler of the Year to be awarded as the first award after end of competition on Saturday at National event. Passed.
13. World team info discussion concerning airfare to Egypt and $100 good faith deposit MUST be paid
14. Richard Kimble will try to get sponsors for AAA.
15. Ray Taglione is to resubmit previous packet with guidelines for marketing in order to obtain sponsors to Richard Kimble for publication in the Armbender.
16. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Robert Redden - AAA to allow one minute total for competitors to arrive at table. Competitors will receive call number one, and then call number two thirty seconds later. Failure to report will result in loss. Passed.
17. Discussion concerning WAF ruling on pushing of shoulders and should AAA adopt same ruling.
18. Suggestion by Kathy New for AAA to print a rule book. Discussion concerned funding.
19. Discussion concerning "double" fouls with decision for Directors of Scorekeeping/AAA & WAF to formulate action to take on scoresheets.
20. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Steve Stanaway - AAA National event hosts must pay a $10 sanction fee for the event. Passed.
21. Suggestion by Kathy New for AAA to reimburse expenses for new website.
22. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Kathy New - All AAA officials, including officials listed in AAA National Event Package, must be members. Passed
23. Motion by Karen Bean, second by Steve Stanaway - AAA will only hold one official meeting at the National event, which will take place on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Passed.
24. $5 fund account is to have a name change to reflect minutes of meeting 1997. Correct name on account is to be The AAA Armwrestlers Fund.
25. A ranking system for competitors was proposed. Board of Directors to form a committee to review.
26. Discussion by Joel Blik concerning offset pads versus amount of injuries.
IV. 1999 AAA National Bids
a. Bid was submitted by Robert Redden and Craig Tullier for Louisiana to host.
b. Bid was submitted by Tom Simko for Pennsylvania to host.
V. Open Discussion
a. No open discussion was held due to time restraints
Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.
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