Special Notice to All Member Nations
November 11, 1998
This is to inform all WAF member nations that the only officially sanctioned WAF XIX World Championships were held in Cairo, Egypt. Member nation, Egypt, adhered to, met, and fulfilled all requirements to host a WAF World Championship, including paying the immediately negotiable license fee, as mandated within the WAF Constitution and By-Laws. No other event met Constitutional requirements, nor is valid or recognized by the WAF Congress.
The only officially sanctioned WAF Congress meeting was held in Cairo, Egypt, November 3, 1998, with 34 member nations attending. No other meeting is valid or recognized by the WAF Congress.
The recently declared expulsion of WAF President Bob O'Leary and WAF General Secretary, Barij Baran Das, is by another organization disguising themselves as WAF and is invalid and inaccurate. Mr. O'Leary and Mr. Das will fulfill their positions within the WAF until election year 2000, at which time, new WAF Executive Committee positions will be voted upon.
All 34 member nations attending the WAF Congress meeting held in Cairo, Egypt, November 3, 1998 voted UNANIMOUSLY to require all member nations attending the non sanctioned event in Thunder Bay, Canada, to respond, in writing, to the WAF General Secretary as to their affiliation and loyalty to the WAF, under the current leadership of
Bob O'Leary - President
Barij Baran Das - General Secretary
Humberto Panzetti - Senior Vice President / S. America
General Osman - Vice President / Africa
Dr. Karl Ajami - Vice President / Australia
Milan Capla - Vice President / Europe
Frank Bean - Vice President / N. America
Deadline for response is December 31, 1998.
All armwrestling/armsport federations currently maintaining membership within the WAF are recognized as the only official member nation. No other organizations, associations, nor federations will be recognized by the WAF if there is currently a member federation in good standing within the WAF.
The majority of WAF member nations and the majority of WAF continental leaders were in Cairo, Egypt attending the WAF Congress meeting. Democratically, the majority has spoken.
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