Hosting an AAA Sanctioned Event

Who can run an AAA sanctioned event?  Any person who has commitment and devotion to the sport of armwrestling can apply for sanction approval for tournaments.  AAA has prepared rules and guidelines for hosting sanctioned tournaments.  We will be very happy to assist you in preparation and advertisement of your event.

Armwrestlers, in this country, should have the alternative to choose from several events to attend for each weekend.  The tournaments should offer uniformity, good management of time, and fellowship of the sport.

If, there is no AAA State Director to serve as liason, then correspondence can be made directly with the AAA.  If you  would like to be considered for hosting an AAA sanctioned event, and need any assistance, contact Karen or Frank Bean at 423-272-6162 or Email :

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American Armsport Association
Request of Tournament Sanctioning

Tournament Director                                                                         AAA State Director

Date:                                                                                                                        Date:
Name:                                                                                                                      Name:
Address:                                                                                                                Address:
City/Zip:                                                                                                                 City/Zip:
Phone:                                                                                                                    Phone:
x________________________________________                                 x________________________________________
            Signature of Tournament Director                                                                        Signature of AAA State Director

After examination of our request, please considered this tournament worthy of American Armsport Association (AAA) sanction approval. If sanction is approved, enclosed is a check in the amount of $10 made payable to AAA.

Date of Event:_________________________________
Name of Event:___________________________________________________________________________________________
Location: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone #: _______________________________________________
Start & Stop Time of Registration: ___________________________________________Event Start Time_____________________

List of all Divisions Offered: ________________________________________________________________________________
Awards Description & Places:_______________________________________________________________________________
Entry Fees: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Additional Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________
We agree to adhere to and follow all of the rules and regulations of the AAA. We also agree to hire and pay minimum of one AAA qualified referee per table used.  Further more, we understand that no member of  AAA, it's officials, nor itís sponsor(s) will be held responsible for any injury incurred at any sanctioned contest.

Tournament results, highlights and clear photos will be sent to The ArmBender magazine and AAA Web Site at the following address:
176 Dean Road, Mooresburg, TN  37811.

Below are the AAA official weight classes. Please make certain that your divisions meet kilogram cuts.

   MEN                       MEN                               WOMEN                 WOMEN
55kg = 121 lbs        80kg = 176 lbs                 55kg = 121 lbs          70kg = 154 lbs
60kg = 132 lbs        85kg = 187 lbs                 60kg = 132 lbs          80kg = 176 lbs
65kg = 143 lbs        90kg = 198 lbs                 65kg = 143 lbs          80+kg = 176+ lbs
70kg = 154 lbs        100kg = 220 lbs               60kg = 132 lbs
75kg = 165 lbs        110kg = 242 lbs
                                110+kb = 242+ lbs

MASTERS (40 yr. - Up)

AAA Sanction Request, 176 Dean Rd., Mooresburg, TN  37811

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