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2008 Armwrestler of the Year
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The American Armsport Association Armwrestler of the Year Award is the highest honor an armwrestling athlete can earn within the association. The award is based upon performance, sportsmanship, promotion, and dedication, is voted on each year by the AAA Officials and members, and presented at the AAA National event.

The first year of presentation was 1982, with only one award being offered. Since 1985, two awards have been presented each year, one for male armwrestler of the year, and one for female armwrestler of the year. Listed below are the past recipients as well as current Nominees of the AAA Armwrestler of the Year Award.

1978 -  Steve Stanaway
1979, 1980, 1981 -  Unknown
1982 -  Dave Patton
1983 -  Bobby Hopkins

1984 - Norm Devio
1985 -  Frank Walkuski , Jeanette Davis
1986 -  George Givens , Bonnie Dohm
1987 -  Gabe Accardi , Rhonda Lindley
1988 -  Jim Northern , Graceann Swift
1989 -  Ron Bath , Carolyn Liebel
1990 -  Ray Taglione , Graceann Swift
1991 -  Chad Silvers , Graceann Swift
1992 -  Leslie Whims , Mary McConnaughey
1993 -  Andrew Rhodes , Kathy Hill
1994 -  David Randall , Chrissy Baliko
1995 - Ray Darling , Elaine Blik
1996 -  Bill Brzenk , Margie Cziria
1997 -  Eric Woelfel , Mary Fitzsimmons
1998 -  Matt Harris , Karen Curavoo
1999 - Craig Tullier, Ev Wroblewski
2000 - Gregory Helm, Mary McConnaughey
2001 - Rick Laton, Heather McSherry
2002 - Jacob Abbott, Elaine Blik
2003 - James Battles, Karen Cooley
2004 - Ray Hennerichs & Craig Tullier, Nicole Cisco
2005 - Mike West, Tonya Wood
2006 - Jim Bryan, Cindy Looney
2007 - Lee Culpepper & Harold Owens, Beth Westberry



2008 - Ron Klemba

2008 Armwrestler of the Year
Ron Klemba

All AAA members may submit nominations for Male & Female Armwrestler of the Year.  Nominations must be in writing and submitted by the member themselves no later than December 31 each year.
All AAA members are entitled to one vote for Male Armwrestler of the Year,
and one vote for Female Armwrestler of the Year.  All votes must be members in good standing of the American Armsport Association.
All votes must be in writing, and each member must send their votes
THEMSELVES to AAA headquarters.
All votes must be received no later than May 15 each year.
Send nominations by email, mail, or fax.
AAA * 176 Dean Rd. * Mooresburg, TN * 37811
Fax    423-272-6162


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