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Non - Sanctioned Event Participation Policies


October 1993, the World Armsport Federation adopted the following policy governing WAF officials and WAF member nation officials participation in non WAF sanctioned events. Special Circular No. 3, dated October 23, 1993, signed by CAWF President and WAF Executive Committee Vice President in 1993, Fred Roy states WAF policy.




As the United States member nation affiliate of the WAF, and in honoring the WAF's Constitution & By-Laws, the AAA Board of Directors agreed upon a similar ruling in 1996. Frank Bean, Ray Darling, Mary McConnaughey, Sue Patton, Steve Stanaway, and Ray Taglione voted unanimously for a new ruling to be mandated by the American Armwrestling Association and included in its Constitution & By-Laws.

ARTICLE VIII - Section 5
No AAA officials who hold positions of Board Member or Referee may at any time:
Violation of this rule will result in a one-year suspension, which will include one AAA National event and one WAF World event for the first offense and a lifetime expulsion for a second offense.

In 2000, the American Armsport Association removed ARTICLE VIII - Section 5 from the AAA Constitution & By-Laws.  AAA no longer has Board Members and all AAA Referees are encouraged to promote the sport of armwrestling by assisting any armwrestling contest regardless of organizational affiliation.

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